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I've been asked to talk a little about Marian apparitions, which are both a blessing and cause for real caution. First let's make a list of some things we know are part of the Catholic Church's take on the subject:

1. Catholics are NOT required to believe in any extraordinary revelations, Marian or otherwise.

2. Rome does not want extraordinary revelations to be treated as genuine while they are investigating them (ordinarlly at a bishop's request).

3. The faithful can individually believe in them, but are to treat them as alleged rather than officially approved supernatural events.

4. If the Church judges them worthy of belief, the faithful are still free to believe or not.

5. All revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle, so any revelation today will contain nothing new.

6. The faithful might "canonize" apparitions before the Church does, as with Fatima, and currently with Medjugorge, but we are asked NOT to anticipate the Church's judgment.

Church approved Marian apparitions like Lourdes are deemed worthy of belief, are supernatural, and reaffirm truths we have always taught. Alleged apparitions like those at Medjugorge are under study, and must not be considered factual yet - but individually we can believe them to be true. More to come tomorrow☺

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