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Just to let everyone health took a turn with pneumonia before Easter and I landed in the hospital. That lead to pneumonianitis and my heart went crazy fibrulating. As a result of all this, the Parkinson symptoms increased and I haven't been able to leave my room. I do walk with a walker but fall for lack of balance, so I can manage only a few feet... There is no appetite and I can not taste food very well..... on oxygen 24/7, which really helps. So, "detachment" takes on new meaning these days, which is good.

I can still carry on my prayer ministry, and am beginning to feel up to writing my blog, so keep me in your prayers. ...I feel like one of those old cars in Cuba, held together with paper clips, bailing wire and duct tape! The spiritual aspect of the crosses in my life is really enlightening, and so beneficial that I don't want to dodge any part of it - still, it is very frustating. I depend on your prayers ❤

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