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In the Ignatius Commentary, Matthew 5:16 calls the fatherhood of God the deepest mystery of God's person: "Earlier chapters make no mention of the Fatherhood of God. In the sermon on the mount, however, Jesus calls God "Father" 17 times. GOD'S FATHERHOOD IS THE DEEPEST MYSTERY OF HIS IDENTITY. From eternity He fathers a divine son, and throughout history He adopts us as His children in Christ." To get a real grasp on what this means, Google "" and enter "devotion to the loving tenderness of God the father" If the title and a paragraph come up but no picture of God the father, click the paragraph title. This article beneath the picture is priceless. Maybe it is time in your spiritual life to approach the Father of the Prodigal Son... as a real Person...the Father Jesus knows and can reveal to you.

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