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I want to comment briefly on fear of God. Some souls only give God "a try" because they fear going to hell. Other souls try God because they want truth. Others come to God because he is beautiful - and the Holy Spirit has given them a "look" in some way and they want more. The point is, what begins as fear or a gentle yearning or even just curiosity, in time needs to become a love that draws us to him. Souls, as St. Therese says, are as different as faces, so God calls them to faith in the way he knows will work - and, very importantly, WHEN it will work. In time, love takes over. St. Seraphim was drawn by the beauty of God, and showed love and joy to his thousands of visitors. He wore White most days and his black rIasa only when he had to.

For my fourth paragraph and future ones on Maximus I will just be selecting those I think will be helpful for you ☺

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