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Jesus attaches the loss of grace to judging our neighbor and not loving our enemies. So, since judging our neighbor and hating our enemies threatens to take first place as our national pass time , how on earth can we work on this problem in our daily life, to show God we take Jesus seriously - that we realize pride is so deadly? And with the other passions urging us to grave sin at every turn, how can we walk with Jesus' teachings on such radical forms of love? The Fathers teach (and Fr. Zacharias of Essex teaches in his book, "Remember Thy First Love") that when we see someone sin and want to say, "He sinned!", God wants us to be profoundly merciful and immediately beg Him to show great love and mercy...... in this way avoiding the "exit" of the Holy Spirit of love , who is offended when we judge. The same with our enemies....Mercy and a Blessing instead of cursing. They are ruining their souls, and love sees that first and foremost. COMPASSION ! Practice this at every moment, and the Gentle Spirit of God will stay close to you!

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