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As I am finally able to try doing my blog again I find myself - in spite of the odds that this would ever happen - actually able to do it. Still tethered to my oxygen supply and bed or a wheel chair, it looks better each day. My appetite is back with a vengence, and I feel and look less like a corpse. Well, I am not out of the woods yet, and I know the risk of a fatal stroke is a daily possibility, and my eyes are failing, BUT, here I am, getting better and able to do my blog. I feel useful again! Why is it happening? I mean, I was inches from actively dying. How sobering is that..and I was not willing to fight - I was giving up. Then I began to literally feel myself lifted up ,"on eagle's wings", as the love and prayers began to flow in. Grace by the buckets-full, carried into my heart by precious family and friends - straight from God's heart to me through you. As St. Paul teaches, love like this is a debt that can never be repaid - so we give "love for love" as St. John of the Cross says, and live our vocation a little longer - in profound gratitude. I know you all bought me a little more time to witness to God's Love in this suffering world before going home to our Father's house. THANK YOU ❤

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