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THE GLORY OF GOD....and ours

In the early 70's I joined a Catholic charismatic prayer group in a nearby town. I was the Pastor of an Episcopal Church, drawn by the Holy Spirit to experience something totally new to me. The group was headed by the Parish Priest, and a Nun led the singing. Songs of God's "GLORY" went on and on, and appealed to me so much that I wanted to see His Glory for myself. I prayed fervently for several years to see his Glory, building up the expectation to cosmic portions of flash and dazzle. I was so naive! Then, with only an inner certainty, I knew the day had come. I went to lay down for a little while and it began - like a movie in my head. Jesus was calling the Disciples, who were fishing, to breakfast. He had a little fire going, and, just risen from the dead, was cooking for them - anticipating they would be hungry after a night of fishing! "This", he said, "is my Glory!" I remembered the Scripture where he said He did not come to be served, but to serve. The Lord of Glory, triumphant and risen, humbles Himself to serve His brothers. So, our Glory as His own beloved ones, is not in titles, nor in being first, nor in blaring trumpets when we enter the assembly, but in living a life of humble service, placing ourselves always second to the other - Ponder that! And what does it mean to humbly serve and then one day hear, "Friend, come up higher!!!"

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