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Our Father in Heaven listens with great Love when we spontaneously say we love Him - and how many times a day we do that! These expressions of devotion are surely sincere, and He can see that. So, can you hear Him respond with a quiet, gentle, "Prove it....stop judging your neighbor"? Of course our job might involve some judging, and that He understands, but it needs to be without personal malice. Matt. 5,6,7, "The Sermon On The Mount" , require DOING, and not just hearing and agreeing. In this way we prove our love for God. Trying and failing and trying again - prayer, study, Church life and family life - Sacraments - these fill our days as disciples. On a mission to always do what Love requires, we do grow to a more mature state in Christ as the years go by. These three chapters of Matthew are the manual He gave us for proving we love Him, and when we turn it in to Him on the day we die, our adoption will be complete. Sharing His Divinity as Kin, eternity will dawn for us, and our crown will most certainly be forged from the gold of our stewardship of this manual. My grandma Dena left me her Bible - it was literally falling apart in my hands! She was a true doer of the "word of the Word" , and her life showed that The Sermon On The Mount was her North Star ❤

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