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REFLECTIONS ON Matthew 5,6,7.

Another concern people have when they are looking for spiritual direction is the Law of Christ and our relationship with the Old Testament Law. Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch (Ignatius Commentary) to the rescue! Don't try studying Matt. 5,6, and 7 without it if you really want to understand things you thought you already understood. Very reasonable on Kindle, this jewel will keep your study on solid Catholic ground - right where you want to be - and bring a richness you will appreciate. Basically they will teach (in commentary on Mt. 5) that the ritual/sacrificial laws are all fulfilled by Christ, but that the moral laws remain, deepened and made higher by Christ's Law of Love. Moses and the Prophets revealed the Law for community life in Israel - while Christ reveals the Law of Love for life in the Kingdom....a much higher calling. The Old Testament Law was for the Jewish nation, while the New is for ALL nations. Really root yourself in what they teach in the commentary and you will not struggle with this question again.

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