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REFLECTIONS On Matthew 5, 6, 7.

Whenever I am asked how to be sure I am walking with Jesus on the authentic path to our Father's House - so many "paths" being offered out there - I give the same answer: First, your heart must realize it needs God...not necessarily having a sophisticated picture of what that means, but that the deep center of your being is missing something . A poverty exists in you - a poverty which can manifest itself in many disguises . If we recognize this empty space, we will try to fill it with whatever seems to offer relief. Money, power over others, the passions, the praise of others, building and filling bigger know the list. Some times we are not aware of it, like young Edith Stein, who told her mother she lacked nothing so did not need God. Since this empty chamber of our deep center is IN our deep center (spirit), fllling it means a journey INWARD. Everything outward (created) will maybe play a role - art, music, nature can be powerful reflections of the Beauty of God, and can move us to seek God - but are not God. Possessing these, we still do not possess God. When this takes root in the heart - which may take years - we begin to see how poor our soul really is without God - no matter how rich we may be in other ways. The person who has this knowledge - beyond just intellectually , is blest, because they are beginning to be poor in spirit. They have come right up to the gates of the Kingdom. Poor in spirit is a state of being - not just an idea.

Next I tell people to address Matt. 5,6,7 because this is the summary of the law of Christ all gathered together, and to begin with learning what a gentle and humble heart is....advice given by St. Seraphim of Sarov to a young monk at the beginning of his monastic life......more to come...

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