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Some believe God is emotionless, and loves, but in some exalted impersonal way. I recall asking a priest how a mom and dad could enjoy heaven while their son roasted in hell. He responded that God would explain it to them so gloriously that they would rejoice in God's perfect justice and be fine with their son's damnation. Really? So when St. Paul says love never ends, is he adding, "except when...."?

Theology is necessary to preserve the Faith and guide us, but sometimes what passes for theology is really an ugly mask covering God's real face. Theology will one day be finished like faith and hope, their work being done.....but, adds the Apostle, "love never ends!"

If I had just two choices for my tomb stone, "Here lies a most exalted theologian", or "Here lies a man who loved too much", I would choose the latter. Love unites - theology divides - in all religions across the globe, theology only unites the like-minded. Love unites even those with very little in common.....and allows a conversation to begin. Remember Jesus and the woman at the well? Love was there, in person! The woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears was forgiven much because she loved much. The theologians watching her felt secure in their religious credentials and teachings, but loved very know the rest.

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