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Some years ago, when I was Pastor of St. Anne in Gilbert, before the new church was built, I was preparing the weekend homily and stopped to read a few more pages of St. Therese's "Story of a Soul." She says, " Let love be the mainspring of every action". Her dad was a watchmaker, so she knew without a working mainspring a watch could look great and even elegant, but could not run. So, without love energizing everything, we are hollow, maybe looking good, but really functionally dead. My teens at St. Anne had a battery in their watches, not a spring, so I changed it to, "At every moment do what love requires." Eventually we put it in a stained glass window in the new church.

Love energized is as essential to following Christ as breathing is for our every moment. But how can we ever give so much space to love? Silouan the Athonite said humility is the most important virtue because "It gives ALL the space to love." Ponder that !

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