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For some time I have kept the Prayer Rule Of The Theotokos(Mother Of God) , and all of it every day now that I am retired. Given to us through St. Seraphim of Sarov, and kept by him as well as by those who were his spiritual children, it has been the core devotion of his nuns at Diveyevo, Russia. Using a very soft leather Lestovka (ladder) as Seraphim did, they and pilgrims walk around the monastery grounds beside a spring fed ditch whose banks are covered with shrubs and trees. The nuns make and sell lestovkas both for the Jesus prayer and the 15 mysteries of Her prayer rule. Go on line to "Diveyevo Lestovka" and click the first site. It will be in Russian. Wait a few seconds and click English when you see languages. Wait again for a few seconds and the site will be in English. When you find the one you want to buy, click buy. Then follow directions. They will acknowledge you successfully placed your order, and bill paypal, who will confirm the request with you. Russian Orthodox laypersons will email you for your address and then the Russian lay persons will email you a mailing date - may take a few days to get back to you as the nuns In Diveyevo have to be notified and confirm they are making your lestovka. 109 step lestovka for the Jesus Prayer are $70 or so, and 50 step for Mary's Rule are under $50 dollars. Their English is poor but they are very dedicated.. When they asked for my click to choose a lestovka and for my address, I just clicked "reply" and answered them that way. You should go to Amazon and order a little book titled "The Prayer Rule Of The Theotokos" by Anthony Steblin. It has all the prayers and an icon for each of the 15 Byzantine Mysteries. I photographed each page beginning with the last page so I can do the whole rule with icons and prayers from photo app on my iphone! The next 15 posts will be reflections on the mysteries. Hope they are helpful.

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