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When Solomon humbled himself and asked God to enter the Temple at its dedication, He did, and His glory filled the temple! God's heart longs to make our hearts his temple, if we would humble ourselves and make room for Him. His Holy Spirit will enter our poor heart little by little in this life, and fully in the next. In this way we become, as the closing prayer at Mass on the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time says, "sharers of His Divine Nature." In the mystery of Mary's presentation by Saints Joachim and Anne, we see the little girl enter God's temple - the little girl who will actually BE His temple. HIS place of rest and peace. His heart's desire fulfilled. He wants, the church affirms, to dwell in our heart - temple as well, and to find there peace and much love. Really, this is the fruit He wants from the Cross. Our salvation is not just freedom from grave sin and hell, but ultimately being sharers of the Divine Nature by Grace, as Christ is by nature. Repairing our heart with the struggle to replace passions with virtue is a lifelong work. And far from easy. As the Jews found out when they returned from exile to a ruined temple with enemies all around, they had to work "with a tool in one hand and a weapon in the other." (Nehemiah I think) As we ponder Mary and her presentation in the temple, may we take up the tools and weapons we need for daily work on the Temple of our own heart.

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