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SIXTH BYZANTINE ROSARY MYSTERY....The Presentation Of Christ In The Temple

Richard P. Hardy in his book, "St. John Of The Cross...Man And Mystic" (Institute of Carmelite Studies, Washington D.C.) says, "If in reading Fray Juan de La Cruz you find more and more a compassionate, loving, gentle God, you have truly understood this great sixteenth century Spanish mystic." The mystery of the Presentation is a door into the mystery of God offering to share this love at its most intimate level. Mary presents the baby Jesus to an old man whose heart longed for him. Now his heart "blooms" into a temple to actually "house" the Son of God. Mary presents this Mystery to Simeon so he can share in the Divinity of Christ. So gentle a God, so gentle a Mother, so mystical a scene as we are invited to accept the same Mary offering US the same unspeakable gift. When Mary presented this mystery to me in my nine days, it was very enlarged so I would not hide it away but rather boldly teach it. Love was offering His greatest gift - Himself. What must I give in return?

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