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St. John Of The Cross's Christmas refrain is quoted by Richard Hardy: "The Virgin, weighed with the Word Of God, comes down the road: if only you'll shelter her." In this seventh mystery we see her coming down another road - not to Bethlehem, but to refuge in Egypt. Again, as in the former, she seeks shelter that is safe for Jesus. Your heart would be just the perfect place, "if only you'll shelter her." Your heart is, as Archimandrite Zacharias says, "God's target", and really it is Mary's target, and the target of all the Saints. Mary carries Jesus to safety from Herod's malice, and truth be known, has carried us to safety from Satan's malice more times than we know. Our heart is her target because in Heaven she has become ALL HEART, in the likeness of God - and wants that for us as well ... "if only you'll shelter her."

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