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EIGHTH BYZANTINE ROSARY MYSTERY.....The Finding Of The Child Jesus In The Temple

Looking at the icon of Jesus sitting and conversing with the Doctors of the Law, I could not stop thinking of the adult Jesus sitting with his Disciples and discussing the Law of Moses, but leading to teachings of the new and higher Law of Love, taught by the new Lawgiver Himself. My heart is God's desired temple, so it is there I can sit and listen to him, as the Doctors of the Law did in the temple, and as the Disciples did as well. My mind seeks answers, and it is in my heart that I can most easily access them. Informed by our Faith and the Scriptures, we are grounded. Often as not, God calls from the heart, and enlightens the mind with what He reveals there. What opens our heart for us? Grace of course, but in a variety of packages! For some, a moving piece of sacred music. For another, a Gospel song like Chris Tomlin's "Good, good Father." For another it may open with a Hallmark movie, or a walk by a lake. Once open, the ball is in our court. LISTEN, YOUR TEACHER IS NEAR!

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