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THE TENTH BYZANTINE ROSARY MYSTERY....The Mother Of God At The Foot Of The Cross

Here we have more on participation in God's plan of salvation....In her agony at the foot of the cross Mary participates in the redemptive suffering of Christ, making her an active participant in the salvation of the whole creation. You and I participate in the world's suffering and offer it up to God at every Mass. The Holy Apostle Paul adds to this and says we also suffer to fill out - to complete the sufferings of Christ. We have our part even though God has no need of it. When will we finally understand salvation and the healed creation are not all about ME, but about US ! What will Heaven be without ALL of us ? Our whole family ? It is true that God sees me as if I were the only person in the entire universe...but at the same time He sees His whole human family, living and deceased, gathered around me. Not only are all humans connected to all other humans by some common DNA, but by a common Father .... Our Father who art in heaven, make us one, and bring us all home. Make our suffering redemptive in some way that You alone know...

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