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You and I measure everything by time, from "What time is it?", to "When was that?" - and beyond these simple reliances to a vast array of time-related calculations. So, when we think of eternity, we are at a major disadvantage. The idea that Christ existed as a reality (The Word) from all eternity is not a measure of time, but of BEING. "Before Abraham was, I AM." Christ's Ascension is the return to His eternal abode, which of course he never really left.....but taking us with Him - humankind, in Christ, now sits at the Father's right hand for all eternity - if only we will accept His invitation and embrace Him and His Word of Life. This is what gives eternal value to every human life from the least to the greatest. To reject humanity's elevation to the eternal is to be mentally stuck in time and really not able to see any intrinsic value in a tiny fetus. For those fortunate souls who FULLY embrace this elevation of mankind to the right hand of the Father, every fetus, however tiny or defective has eternal value. So, I should long all my life to be there with Christ when I die, but disinherit a tiny other? We might do that, displaying our ignorance , but Christ will gather them all up into his arms and Mother them Himself. In the end, the only way a soul can be disinherited from the Homeland is to say no - I choose time.

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