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FIFTEENTH BYZANTINE ROSARY MYSTERY....The Glorification of the Mother Of God

The Coronation of Mary declares her to be Queen of Heaven, and so she is. The more mystically oriented East doesn't use the monarch image, but rather speaks of her glorification- a fact reflected in the Russian fondness for calling her, "God, after God." She now participates in the intimate life of the Trinity to such an extent that she might even be mistaken for God! Well, not really of course, but to such a sublime degree that there are no other words to describe her state. As the "highest honor of our race", she is divinized above all who have come to this profound sharing in the Divinity of Christ. Those who do not understand Theosis really cannot understand glorification. Ruling is not glorification, but rather glorification is about BEING. Ruling does not change our ontology (the nature of our being). Glorification by Theosis does. BLESSED BE GOD AND THE HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, NOW AND EVER AND UNTO THE AGES OF AGES !

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