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One of our grandaughters attends Xavier in Phoenix and was doing a paper for one of her classes. She wanted to know if I had learned some things (being now old ! ). My sense of humor took over as I thought about this, and in my head I started rehearsing them. I have learned that being old is very inconvenient! I have learned that old people lose some muscle tone and that we keep proving the law of gravity by dropping things - not excluding ourselves. I have, therefore learned gratitude for floors, which stop whatever falls ! I have , from current politics learned that the love of money IS the root of all evil as the Scripture teaches, and that neither side of the aisle is less guilty. I have also learned we cannot have two masters....we cannot serve both God and money. I have learned that Psalm 61 is right in teaching that even great men can be an illusion, and when put on a scale weigh less than a breath. I have learned that God is Love, and that if he were not, I would not serve Him. I have learned that I am far weaker than the neighbor I so easily criticize, and that when we get old and figure a few things out we are tempted to think we are the very Seat Of Wisdom. Thinking it over I gave my grandaughter a few sayings that were more age-appropriate! So, this blog will focus on the things I have learned over the years that deal with the spiritual life only, and that you might find helpful.

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