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THINGS I HAVE LEARNED....Identity/Mission

(This series speaks to the most important things I have learned, but in no special order.)

Who am I and why am I here ? This is the IDENTITY / MISSION question that I believe must define us more than anything else. Since I am a hypostasis (person), and I am created in the image of God's triune hypostases, who I am is all wrapped up in the Divine. We are absolutely unique - one of a kind. Rene Girard, the brilliant Catholic philosopher ( and definitely one of a kind ) says, "FIND YOUR MISSION AND YOU WILL FIND YOUR SELF." I know why I am here - it is because God loves me - and my mission was really put into sharp focus by a good friend who gave me a mounted copy of a photo he took up North. He wrote on it, "To Fr. Doug - God's witness to Love." This really lit up my heart because it defines me more than anything else. Yes, I am a priest, and a father and a husband and many other things that make me who I am, but more than anything else, I am God's witness to Love. If I have a name in Heaven, it is this name. The Divine Physician ground the lense I see everything through - the lense of Love. I am empowered by Grace so I can CHOOSE to see and be this way. If I had my way, every Catholic Church in the world would have a minaret, and five times a day the priest would climb it and call out, "Little children, love one another, for those who love know God, but those who do not love do not know God." On the eve of her death, our Therese once again called that message out. Her sister wanted her last word. Therese told her, "I have said everything. Everything is accomplished. It is love alone that counts." Therese knew who she was and why she was here. God has helped me discover who I am and why I am here. Who are YOU , and why are YOU here? A good thing to ponder.

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