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Love and humility are two sides of the same coin - and it is humility that gives birth to love according to the Fathers. So, everything good begins when, with the grace we are given, we make ourselves very, very small. Jesus is the express image of His Father, so when He says, "Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart." he is really saying learn from US, for WE are gentle and humble of heart. With all the grand names, thunder, flash and dazzle used to describe God, we can look right at Him and really not see Him at all. We have to discipline ourselves to remember He is profoundly humble . We of course are not ! When the Prophet heard the wind and shaking earth he knew that was not God. But when he heard a still, small voice, he came out of his cave .... God had arrived !

Well, father, won't that shortchange God? You might think so, but in the Kingdom down is up, and less is more. God resists the proud (who make themselves more than they are) , but he draws near the humble, who are like little children. Humble yourselves in the sight of the lord, and He will raise you up, the Scriptures say. So the next time you pray, mentally come to Him very quietly, gently, no words, nothing but you, ( the noisy, cluttered one ! ) getting very still and small before the Lord of all , who loves you and wants so much to have your love. Eventually you might use some words, quietly, but they really are not necessary...what can you tell Him that He does not already know? Make your requests with a few words but much, much love, and you will know for sure you have been heard. And be VERY careful not to judge your neighbor and then come to God for prayer. God corrected Miriam and Aaron when they murmmered against Moses, thinking themselves to be just as important as Moses was. He told them they should have been afraid to speak against him, because Moses was the humblest man on earth, "and with him I speak FACE to FACE."

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